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Parental Agreement


1.        Each family must be a member or regularly attend a Christian Church of any denomination;
2.        Attend a pre-enrollment conference, either in person or by telephone with a representative of Fallston Christian Home School ;
3.        Submit a Home Schooling Notification form to the local school system’s Home Schooling Coordinator at least 15 days prior to the start of home schooling;
4.        Provide regular, thorough instruction for all children enrolled in Fallston Christian Home School , in accordance with state regulations;
5.        Teach your children according to biblical ideals and morals as well as the academics needed for productivity in life. The Christian life cannot be about a day or two, or a worship service or two, but rather an all encompassing faith that brings in line all other actions and activities. Therefore, in addition to the state regulations,Fallston Christian Home School requires that you educate your child in the ways of our Lord. This includes a plan of study in religion which may include such activities as daily readings from the scriptures, verse memorization, formal courses such as Precepts, Alpha Omega, BJU, etc. Simply attending church and Sunday school will not be sufficient to meet this requirement;
6.        Maintain a daily or weekly journal: this journal should include what is being taught each day (example, Math pg.3, Science-weather, phys. Ed – ballet, etc. This may be a format of your own design, a simple calendar, or a purchased planning book.
7.        Maintain monthly work samples for each subject and have these available for review by a counselor of Fallston Christian Home School. If you use tests in the subject, a copy of tests taken throughout the year should also be presented. The following documentation should also be available for review:
a)        a list of textbooks used;
b)       documentation for any instruction provided outside of the home: grades, certificates of participation signed by instructor, attendance record;
c)        a record of Physical Education, Art, and Music instruction; (everyday activities such as playing outside, or listening to the radio are not acceptable as “course instruction”;
d)       If using computer based programs, such as Switched-on-Schoolhouse, print out information showing each unit’s assignment/grading record;
e)     If using notebook type programs, such as Alpha Omega, Abeka, etc., the completed notebooks should be presented.
8.        Submit to at least one review per year by a Fallston Christian Home School counselor. Additional reviews may be required if your counselor determines that further documentation needs to be presented;
9.      Reviews should be completed by June1st unless you have made other arrangements with your counselor. If you do not have a review done, you will be considered non-compliant and reported as such to the county.
10.      File an annual High School Credit Report for each high school student who wishes to have a transcript maintained;
11.     Pay tuition in a timely manner. We are required to notify the Board of Education of students who are no longer under our program, so it is imperative that you contact the Director immediately if unable to meet your financial obligation.
12.     Parents will maintain full responsibility for all instruction, even if it is conducted by outside personnel.
13.     Notify Fallston Christian Home School  immediately with any changes in address, phone number or e-mail address.


Fallston Christian Home School will support your family by:
1.        Providing accountability;
2.        Providing support, care, affirmation and assistance when needed;
3.        Providing counseling to assist with the selection on curriculum or other resources if requested.
4.        Maintaining records of reviews and sending records or transcripts to other institutions as requested by the family;       
1.        Any problems between the Counselor and parent shall first be discussed between the parties directly concerned in an attempt to resolve the conflict;
2.        If the problem cannot be resolved, the Director, and if necessary, the Board of Directors will be invited to assist in the reconciliation process. Any decision made at this time will be final.
3.        Any family not meeting the state requirement for “regular, thorough instruction”, for one or more of their students shall be notified of their deficiency at the time of the annual portfolio review. The Counselor shall also notify the Director, who will place the family on academic probation for a period of three (3) months. The Counselor will work with the family to meet the state requirements. A second portfolio review will be done at the end of the probation period. Continued non-compliance with state requirements is cause for dismissal from Fallston Christian Home School .
Fallston Christian Home School is dedicated to upholding the privacy of our families. Names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses will be kept private and confidential unless you indicate otherwise (i.e., release of transcripts). Information provided will not be used for solicitation purposes. Confirmation of enrollment will be supplied to the Board of Education as required by state regulations